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Focussing on the essential.


to the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships!

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Our concern is the intercultural coexistence in Germany and to develop an awareness of equal rights. We support binational and multicultural couples and families. Our responsibilities are in the following areas:

Context-sensitive Consultiation

and counselling in legal and psychosocial areas


of multilingual, diversity-sensitive and anti-discriminatory education


against racism and discrimination

Communication and interaction

between migrant and global couples and families


More and more people are living in binational families and relationships where cultures and languages are mixed. It is not something special for these families, it is their everyday life.

In Germany, binational are those:

  • Men and women whose partner comes from another country and/or culture
  • People living in a same sex relationship and are binational
  • Germans and not Germans living in two or more cultures
  • Children and young people who have two nationalities

… and many more who feel at home in one or more countries and have a multicultural family, relatives and friends.

Who we are

In 1974 our Munich office started as a ‘self-help group’ and in 1986 we became recognized as a binational couple and family advice centre offering professional support.

Our Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, iaf e.V. works all over Germany supporting binational and ever increasing numbers of multicultural families. Our main office is located in Frankfurt am Main and was founded in 1972. We have offices in 23 towns in Germany.

Our advisory and counselling service

(at the moment available only in German language)

Contact information

(at the moment available only in German language)